Use Google Maps To Find Directions Using Siri Without Jailbreaking [Updates]

gmaps siri   Use Google Maps To Find Directions Using Siri Without Jailbreaking [Updates]iPhone users demonstrated their love for Google Maps by making it the App Store’s number one free app within hours of it being released, though searching for directions using Siri uses Apple’s Maps app by default with no discernible way of changing it.

While jailbreakers have already figured out a way to ditch Apple Maps and replace it with Google instead, you don’t need to jailbreak in order to use Siri and Google Maps together. Simply append your query for directions with the words “via transit” and Siri will reveal a list of transport maps installed, allowing you to choose Google Maps to handle your request instead.

As is demonstrated in the screenshot below, asking Siri to: “Find me directions to Mildura via transit” brings up a choice of installed transport apps capable of taking my request, as well as a list of other apps available on the App Store. Tapping Google Maps routes my request using that service, rather than Apple’s in-built Maps app (which as now been updated to find accurate Mildura directions).

siri via transit   Use Google Maps To Find Directions Using Siri Without Jailbreaking [Updates]

The tip, which was posted on Cult of Mac doesn’t necessarily work for all location requests, and simple “find me the nearest cinema via transit” will default to using Apple Maps with no option to use an alternative app. You can see the feature in action via the Jailbreak Nation video below:

What do you think of Google Maps for iPhone? Will you still use Apple Maps? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Cult of Mac

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Mac Witty

Left Apple Maps on day 1. Happy to have Google maps as an app

FĂ©lix S. De JesĂşs

Apple Maps is very trashy already, The Arrogance of Apple make things WRONG.

Junil Maharjan

Google Maps are great. Apple should have done more research and focused fully on the maps before releasing them. This has only made them look bad.