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I guess I got very used to working for the man and the perks that come with it. I have had Adobe Professional on my desktop and laptop for a long time now. When I had to create a quick PDF from a word document on a client’s site – after my laptop suffered from battery drainage I had some issues.

I quickly Googled around looking for a free, easy solution. Lots of places claimed to do what I wanted but the first one that did it EASY and FREE was doPDF.

It is a small download, less than 2MB and when it finishes installing you will have a new printer added to your system. When you need a PDF, all you need to do is “print” to the new doPDF printer. (It can be accessed using File -> Print menu in pretty much any Windows program i.e. Word, Excel, Paint, some image viewer etc.) I know I make it sound simple and all – but it really is THAT EASY!

convert word excel documents to PDF

convert images to PDF

If you don’t believe me and you are too lazy to try it yourself check out this video courtesy of doPDF…


This is simply awesome. Do you use something other than Adobe Acrobat Pro to create PDF’s? If so and it is free we would LOVE to hear about it. Why don’t you leave your favorite PDF creator in the comments!

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