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A new medical service launched this week called Doctor on Demand connects consumers with a US-licensed physician, via a computer, smartphone or tablet. Service calls are $40 for each 15 minutes of consultation.

Doctor on Demand says the service is useful for non-emergency, common cases like mild infections, allergies, fever, rolled ankles, bladder infections, nausea, skin infection, nasal congestion, and lab interpretation. The service is not suggested for life-threatening medical problems, like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, convulsions or seizures, or serious head, neck and back injuries.

Using a computer, the service’s iOS or Android app, or Kindle device, customers get a face-to-face video consultation, including pediatric questions, with a real doctor who can provide a diagnosis and prescribe medication, or recommend a specialist for specific conditions.

Doctor on Demand

After your consultation call reaches the 13 minute mark, Doctor on Demand will ask if you want to extend your call for an additional 15 minutes. If you decide to extend, you will automatically be billed $40 for each 15 minute interval thereafter.

At the end of your first Doctor on Demand consultation you can add the doctor you consulted with to your favorite list and be connected directly with that doctor the next you use the service.


Consultations require credit or debit card payment, and as for now, Doctor on Demand does not accept medical insurance, though it says it’s working on that option for the near future.

Doctor on Demand was founded by Adam Jackson, a software engineer, and Jay McGraw, an author and television producer. Dr. Pat Basu is the chief medical officer for Doctor on Demand.

Source: TechCrunch

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