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urlist is a brilliant website that makes sharing internet links even easier. Normally on your social networking accounts, you cannot share a bunch of URLs together; with urlist however, you can make a collection of weblinks and share them all in one go.

list of links

You start using urlist’s services by signing in either through your Google or Twitter account. Once you have your account set up and are signed into the service, you can use the “New URList” button in the top right to create a new collection of links. You can set a theme or topic for each list so that the links in them are related; this list can then be shared with your contacts.

URL lists can be extremely helpful whether it comes to research, showing a client some ideas, or sharing information on a particular subject with somebody. The site even has a bookmarklet which you can add to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar in order to easily add websites to your URL lists.

combine urls


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  1. d.g.
    July 17, 2010 at 4:08 am is a URL shrinking/sharing service that also lets you create a list. It requires no account. Also, a list of links will show a Web of Trust (WOT) rating next to each link. You can past each link in one at a time (like or you can past an entire list at once (unlike Both domains use only 7 characters.