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For those of you who have already visited Urban Dictionary to find out the meaning of some senseless word – UrbanDictionary TV is just another website based on that, but now combined with videos to show you what they are trying to say.

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UrbanDictionary TV is more of a hilarious website that aims to provide videos with urban word meanings to ‘depict’ what the meaning is trying to say. For example, the word “Dog” – which means “not a cat” – has a video of a dog skateboarding around a local park.

Furthermore, if you know of a better video that can depict the meaning more clearly, you can suggest that using the “Suggest a better video” button found below the video.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • A great way to waste your time online.
  • If you can’t understand the meaning properly – let the video do the talking.
  • Integrated on UrbanDictionary as well.

Check out UrbanDictionary TV @


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