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Tablets and other smart devices have wriggled their way into every room in the house – and as useful as they are, it’s not always convenient to take up precious surface space with a bulky case, or to risk getting devices covered in cooking sauces from the kitchen and dirt from the garage. If only someone could invent a durable stand that suspends the device from a kitchen cabinet, or holds the device up from a table!

Upper Desk have done just that.

upper desk - cabinet shelf demo

Attaching either to a table or cabinet, the Upper Desk portable mounts are available for $60 direct from The market for tablet stands in the kitchen is particularly fierce, with alternatives such as the CTA Digital 2-1 Kitchen mount ($45), which requires a permanent base fixture to be installed; or similarly priced Belkin kitchen mount which requires no permanent installation, but lacks the ability to rotate or adjust viewing angle, as well as being more restricted in size of tablet it can accommodate. Existing solutions are typically inflexible, poorly produced, or do permanent damage to the surface they are being fixed on. The Upper Desk mounts share none of these properties.

Initial Impressions

The table and cabinet mounts are very similar, differing visually only in orientation; the former is designed to clamp on a table and hold a smart device from the bottom up, the latter to hang from a shelf or cabinet. They’re both made of powder-coated metal and high density plastic, giving them a very durable and solid feel, as well as an attractive industrial look. They are reasonably heavy at 620/650 grams, but that’s a good thing when you’re talking about securely holding a few hundred dollars worth of electronics.


upper desk mount - overview of both


The locking mechanism is a standout feature that does away with the need for screws, bolts, or permanent fixing. A simple lever and spring keeps the tension and prevents the clamp from falling back.

upper desk - lock detail

To remove, press the lever in and the clamp will jump back. There’s rubber foam on the underside to prevent marks on your surfaces, and a textured plastic foot on the end of the clamp.

upper desk - table mount overview


Both mounts accommodate smart phones or tablets from 4-14 inches, thanks to the combination of a strong sliding metal arm and fine-tuning with a rigid black plastic clip. This is a powerful feature that eliminates the tiring and wasteful process of buying a whole new set of accessories with any new device. One mount to rule them all.

upper desk - locking metal arm for different tablet sizes

This versatile mechanism also means you can mount an iPad in landscape or portrait modes.

The base of the durable plastic mount allows your device to be seated conformably at 3 slightly different upright viewing angles, and has strips of rubber to protect your device as well as prevent slipping.

upper desk - 3 slots for upright positions

You can also rotate the device 360 degrees (table mount) or 270 degrees (cabinet mount) to achieve that perfect view no matter where you’re working from – in your kitchen, home office, bedroom or garage.

upper desk - office

The Table Mount differs in one crucial area: the base of the holder is fixed in position about a few centimeters above the table. While the neck of the mount does slide up and down, its purpose is to accommodate difference sizes of tablet – you cannot adjust how high the tablet is from the desk. This unlike the Cabinet Mount, in which the base of the tablet-holding mechanism moves freely with the main neck of the device, so you can position the tablet anywhere from 3cm to about 20cm beneath the fixing point of the cabinet. Both the mounts accommodate different sizes of device, but the cabinet also adjusts the viewing height; the table mount’s viewing height cannot be adjusted.

upper desk - table mount demo

While both Upper Desk mounts are extremely versatile and able to fit tablets from 4 to 14 inches, there is a tradeoff to had in security. Without a security lock, it’s easy to unclip and remove the smart device – making these unsuitable for high traffic, public appearances. You’ll need to look elsewhere for public kiosk applications.

Living With the Upper Desk Mounts

For general home use, the versatility of the Upper Desk Portable Cabinet Mount wins my adoration for making it easy to watch media while washing up, or for freeing up work surfaces when cooking. Given that vertical space tends to be abundant, it’s also convenient to mount the stand and simply forget about it. No more staring at a blank wall – there’s a huge amount of vertical space in your home waiting to be utilised!

upper desk - cabinet kitchen watching spaced

As a work-from-home daddy, my desk is already packed with monitors and consequently the table mount has found less use for me. If you use your iPad as an alarm or to monitor sleeping habits, I can certainly see it being useful mounted on your bedside table. It would also be perfect for use with an iPad to extend your desktop. How To Use Your iPad (or iPhone!) As A Second Monitor [iOS] How To Use Your iPad (or iPhone!) As A Second Monitor [iOS] Productivity pros swear by multiple monitors, but we don't all have the luxury of carrying around huge screens and endless wallets. On the other hand, the iPad has become pretty ubiquitous, and it can really... Read More

upper desk - table mount outside

Ultimately both the Upper Desk Table and Cabinet Mount are incredibly easy to fix in place, so erecting and moving them from garage to garden is no issue.

Should you buy these Upper Desk Mounts?

Absolutely. There are certainly cheaper tablet mounts out there, but you’ll regret buying them. The Upper Desk mounts aren’t tied to any particular tablet or smart device model, so they’ll stay with you and adapt to changing demands as devices get bigger. The construction is high quality with no obvious weak points, and the astonishly easy no-tools-required fixing method makes them versatile enough to use all over the house without permanent fixings.

MakeUseOf recommends: Buy. Versatile, durable, easy to use and future-proofed – this is how all products should be made.

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