How To Upload Files To The Awesome Box.Net Directly from Windows Explorer

Ads by Google file sharingA few months ago, the online storage service,, announced that users with a free account would now receive 5GB of free storage as opposed to the original offering of 2GB. I was already using for its superb ability to display common file types in-browser, which comes in handy when you are sharing temporary files, so this was an exciting piece of news for me.

There’s a myriad of reasons why you should re-discover the service if you don’t use it already as updates are constantly pushed and it would be a great alternative to sites like [NO LONGER WORKS] For those that appreciate WebDAV access or at least, an easier way to upload files from your desktop’s file manager, here are the simple steps to view your files in Windows Explorer.

Easily Upload Files Via Windows Explorer

Note: Tested in several Windows Vista machines. WinXP users can see Techie Buzz’s handy post.

1. Press the Win key + E or go to the Start menu, right-click on Computer and select Open. file sharing

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2. Right-click on Computer again and select Add A Network Location, which will prompt the respective wizard. files

3. Click Next on the welcoming screen. files

4. Then select the second option, Choose a custom network location. files

Type the following:

download files

If for some reason, you have trouble, try the unsecured


5. If everything goes well, you’ll get a popup window asking you for your credentials. Type your username, which is the email you use to log in to, as well as your password.

download files

6. Now you can type a name for you to easily identify this location, before clicking Next.

download files

7. You can choose whether to or not to check the box to launch the network location on Windows Explorer after exiting the wizard.

Click on Finish.

On Ubuntu, make sure you log onto in your web browser before following the instructions on the How-To Geek blog. This might break at times because support for WebDav has stopped after similar posts were written but at this time, it looks like it works. You might also find Gladinet interesting if you are still having problems connecting, since it’s designed to help you map network drives for web apps.

Why Use Box.Net?

  • You can preview the more popular file types, such as FLV flash, MP3 and PDF files inside your browser.
  • There’s integration with other web services that provide you with file-editing capabilities while you don’t even have to download desktop software to handle them. For pictures, there’s Picnik, for signing documents, there’s DocuSign, etc.
  • There’s a built-in word processor, with collaboration features.
  • Depending on what services from the OpenBox you add, you can have other office suites, like Zoho, at your disposal and still use for storage.

  • You can embed your files (or the ones in a specific folder) in your website with a widget.
  • Your readers can then subscribe to a feed to update them when you modify the contents of the shared files or folders.
  • file sharing

The only downside to is that you can only upload files of up to 25MB for the free account, but most files I own are within the limits.

Online storage services abound these days. You’ll find many Dropbox fans, as well as people that swear by Mozy, and Windows Live Skydrive. I’ve personally always used Skydrive to upload pictures by email when Flickr and Facebook just don’t cut it.

What do you use to store files?

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