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New media, social media, networking… who cares what its called? The fact is, for better or for worse, I find myself using it more and more these days. Profiles have always been a pain. Who doesn’t get sick of filling in details and interests and photos, but lately having an up-to-the-minute status message seems to be the in-thing.

Networks like Facebook and of course Twitter started it, and now everyone seems to be adding them in. MySpace now has numerous Facebook-like features including the current status message, newsfeeds and applications.

It’s all a form of micro-blogging and services like Twitter have been growing immensely over the last few years. If you’re a big user then you may get tired of keeping all your profiles updated at any one time.

Here are a number of fairly simple tools that you can use to quickly update the status message on a whole number of services at once. You might also want to check out Mark’s review of Ping.FM which also does the same job.


Posty is one of the new applications built on Adobe’s AIR platform and supports the four main micro-blogging services; Twitter, Jaiku, Tumblr and Pownce. It doesn’t need much explaining, just save all of your login data and start using! The convenient thing about having a desktop client is that you don’t need an additional account to access Posty itself, just the services.




To be honest though, it’s unlikely you will be using those four services together seeing as they are all pretty similar. Hellotxt is a better alternative as it has support for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Pownce, Jaiku and Bebo. Hellotxt is a website that functions in the same way as Posty. After registering you can enter your details and update your status’ whenever you feel the need.



“Instantly update your status across all networks at once!” Sociogami is a great looking application that supports MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. It only supports these three at the moment but I’m sure more will come with time. We’re seeing a lot of these kinds of applications lately and Sociogami is looking to become one of the better social media managers.


I was slightly suspicious when I found Mingll as free toolbars are pretty much synonymous with ‘spyware’ and although users are a little more savvy these days it can still be a problem. I must admit I’m pretty against filling up my browser screen real estate more then I have to, but for what it does Mingll is actually very good. If you’re like me and prefer minimalistic approach then check out Aibek’s article on how to keep your browser functional and save as much as space as possible Get Back your Screen Space: Maximize Firefox Viewing Area Get Back your Screen Space: Maximize Firefox Viewing Area Read More .

More then just a simple status updater Mingll is in fact a fully featured social media manager. It’s simple and easy to use and currently offers support for Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIN, Digg and promises that YouTube, Flickr, Bebo, Orkut, LiveJournal, Yelp and Flixter are coming soon.

The best thing Mingll does is keep you logged into all your services and essentially combines features of each services into one. So all IM and mail is together, contacts are accessible from one place, friends, notifications etc

What do you use to update your social network status messages?

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