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post music on twitterIf you’re an avid iTunes player and Twitter user, you no doubt like to occasionally share what you’re currently listening to with your contacts around the corner or across the world. But it’s a hassle to type out the title and the name of the artist of the song you’re currently listening to just to post music on Twitter, let alone adding a link to the song from the iTunes Store.

Well, a fairly new and free application and Twitter plug-in, Twunes, developed by Stefan Wolfrum, does all that tedious typing for you.

I’ve seen and used a few similar AppleScript programs that essentially do the same thing. But it looks like Twunes is the best at what it does.

How It Works

You basically run Twunes like any other application. After downloading it, you are given a prompt to enter your Twitter username and password.

add song to twitter status


From that point, you”˜re literally set up to tweet your currently playing song in iTunes. It’s really that simple.

post music on twitter

Twunes sets up the tweet based on the preferences you set. Clicking the Twunes icon in the upper-left corner of the app’s interface sends the tweet to your Twitter account.

Other Features

However, there are some other great features you may want to take advantage of. You will find them by opening Twunes”˜s Preferences.

Although it would be nice if Twunes could be accessed from the Mac menu bar, you can nevertheless use it to control iTunes from within Twunes itself. The Twunes toolbar features the ability to play, stop, and pause iTunes.

Another great feature is that Twunes will create a iTunes Store link for the song you’re currently playing, which of course saves you the trouble of copying and pasting that information in the tweet itself.

tweet music

An added touch in the application enables you to select what type of prefix information you want for your tweet. You’re not stuck with “My iTunes plays…

tweet music

You may want to start with a popular hashtag, “#nowplaying” that is used by many Twitter members. If you don’t want to use that hashtag as a prefix, you can also just select to include in the message itself by simply clicking the appropriate box.

You can also cross-post Tweeted information to your Facebook account. Just check the “Include hashstag #fb” box in Preferences.

Probably the most welcomed feature of Twunes is that you don’t need to have the interface showing in order to quickly send a tweet with the iTunes information. You can simply minimize the app and then right or Control click on the Twunes icon in your Dock.

tweet music

From there, you simply select, “Tweet it!“, and go back to what you’re doing.

Finally, if you want to see what other Twitter and Twunes users are playing, the developer includes a #Twunes hashtag in the iTunes tweet itself. Clicking on that hashtag of course will serve up all the other Twitter users using that same hashtag.

twitter music

Overall, Twunes is an awesome and very practical application to post music on twitter. It’s free, but it deserves a requested donation from the developer – or at least a great big thank you.

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