Update Adobe Flash Now, You Can Still Buy Guns on Facebook… [Tech News Digest]

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It’s time to update Adobe Flash (again), guns are still available on Facebook, Wikipedia’s iOS app gets better, call 200 people at once on Line, and Dynamo creates everyday illusions for Samsung.

Another Day, Another Adobe Flash Fix

It may surprise you to learn that Adobe has discovered a host of vulnerabilities in the latest version of Flash. And that one of these vulnerabilities is already being exploited. I’m being sarcastic, of course, as this new set of vulnerabilities shouldn’t surprise anyone. Flash is flawed, and in lieu of uninstalling it you need to keep it up-to-date at all times.

These vulnerabilities can be grouped into four categories: integer overflow, use-after-free, heap overflow, and memory corruption. Suffice to say they’re all dangerous to some degree. One of these vulnerabilities, CVE-2016-1010, is already being used in “targeted attacks”, and is therefore the main reason you should seek to update Flash immediately.

Better yet, just uninstall it altogether and join those of us freed from the scourge of Adobe Flash for good.

People Still Buy Guns on Facebook

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Facebook has failed to solve the problem is people buying and selling guns on its platform. According to Forbes, those involved in the trading of firearms have merely changed their tactics, conducting business in private messages rather than public forums.

In March 2014, Facebook first attempted to regulate gun sales conducted on the social network. Then, in February of this year, Facebook announced it was banning the sale of guns altogether. Much to the chagrin of the pro-gun lobbyists in the United States, many of whom think guns are the solution to everything.

However, since the ban was enacted Forbes has investigated several private Facebook groups whose members previously bought and sold firearms. They have circumvented the ban by doing anything but explicitly advertising guns for sale. Instead, they post photos, and ask people to PM them to discuss it. Hence, the buying and selling of guns is still happening, just behind closed doors.

Jodi Seth, director of policy communications for Facebook, told Forbes, “This will not be our last policy update. We’ll continue to think about how we can do this better. We’re always trying to find ways to improve the process”.

Wikipedia Improves Its iOS App

Wikipedia has released an updated version of its mobile app on iOS, adding several new features designed to put more information in front of your eyes. Wikipedia is, of course, at its most useful when you want to know more about a particular subject matter. However, Wikipedia Mobile 5.0 adds an element of exploration to proceedings.

By using the new Explore feed, users can browse personalized content including a “Featured article of the day,” the “Top read articles,” “Random articles,” and “Nearby articles”. You can also navigate the app using gestures, search using Spotlight, view high-resolution image galleries, and share articles via email or social media.

Wikipedia Mobile 5.0 is available in the iTunes App Store now.

Line Lets You Call 200 People At Once

Messaging service Line, which is insanely popular in Asia, now includes the ability to call 200 people at the same time. That’s you and 199 other people taking part in a conference call. Which is an epic number of people when you consider that Skype only supports conference calls of up to 25 people.

These 200-person conference calls are available now on Windows, Android, and iOS, with Mac support promised to be on its way soon. The feature is being trialed outside of Asia before being introduced into Line’s core market. The only question remaining is, Why would you want to talk to 200 people at the same time? I don’t even know that many people.

Dynamo Creates Everyday Illusions

And finally, Dynamo proves it’s possible to be an illusionist using nothing more than your smartphone. As long as you have the creative vision, expensive props, and time to pull it off. Which he does have, thanks to being paid by Samsung to create these “everyday illusions”.

This is a promotional effort for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, two capable handsets garnering positive reviews online. The camera is seen as being a particular highlight, even giving the camera on the iPhone 6s a run for its money. As these amazing shots demonstrate.

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Are you still persevering with Adobe Flash? Have you ever seen a gun for sale on Facebook? How would you improve the Wikipedia app? How many people would you call at one time on Line? Do you shoot photos with your smartphone?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

Tech News Digest is a daily column paring the technology news of the day down into bite-sized chunks that are easy to read and perfect for sharing.

Image Credit: Kiewic via Flickr

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