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When you get results from Google search, you open each one in a new tab and jump from one tab to the next, finding whatever you are looking for. The results page leaves a lot of unutilized white space to the right. This space is utilized by “Untabbed” to help you get your results on the same page, without opening extra tabs.

open search results in new window

Untabbed is a free to use web service that displays results from Google much like Google itself. The only difference is that when you click on a result it is opened in a virtual window in the same page. You can open multiple windows at a time. These windows can all be dragged, brought to front, and have copy-able text and clickable links. Users who open too many simultaneous virtual windows can navigate with ease via the tab options given at the bottom of the page.

Untabbed will help all view the actual website of the search results while keeping the results page in view – something that Google Search users will surely appreciate.

Key Features:

  • A user friendly website
  • Lets you view Google Search results and their websites on the same page
  • Provides a new virtual window for each result you click
  • These windows are interactive and can be used just like regular tabs
  • Provides window titles at the bottom for easy navigation

Check out Untabbed @

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  1. Vivek
    October 26, 2010 at 6:23 pm idea!

  2. David
    October 14, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    ya probe la pagina recomentada y me encanta !! el unico problema es q no se puede arrastrar las pestañas a marcadores para guardarlas, pero igual me gusta mucho , el firefox deveria tener esa opcion!! seria grandioso !!!