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Most offices use special words and terms to define everyday business affairs. People in the office familiarize themselves with these terms over time; but to visitors and new employees the terms are needless jargon. If you have such management jargon to decode just head on over to “Unsuck It.”

office jargon dictionary

Unsuck It is an office jargon dictionary that is simultaneously fun and useful. You can use it to decode those incomprehensible management words and phrases.

The site features a simple interface. On the homepage you get a search bar where you enter the phrase or word. Next, click on the “Unsuck It” button to view the term’s meaning. If the meaning has not been added to the site yet you use Twitter for help or add a meaning of your own.

office jargon list

To randomly explore management terms and their often funny translations click on the Browse tab or the “I’m Feeling Douchey” button.


When you view any word’s meaning, you can Tweet or email it.


Check out “Unsuck It” @

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