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Due to the popularity of Twitter’s 140 character limit, we are used to URL shorteners and people use them everywhere. However, URL shortening can be abused by hackers, phishers, spammers and even pranksters to trick people into entering websites with malicious content.

Unshortn is a web app that expands shortlinks to their full URL and displays the link’s webpage title.  It provides information about a link to give you an idea what it is about before opening it.
unshorten links

To display the full URL, paste the shortened link in the Unshortn homepage. It will instantly display the full URL as well as the webpage title. It will also display a thumbnail screenshot of the site if available.

In addition, you can also stick the Unshortn bookmarklet on your browser to easily transform shortlinks on any webpage so you don’t have to go to Unshortn when you need to expand a link.
unshorten links

unshorten links

Unshortn is a good way to double check the links before you click on them – a real timesaver for power surfers.



  • Unshortens links and displays the webpage title.
  • Avoid opening malicious links.
  • Displays the link’s thumbnail screenshot, if available.
  • Install the bookmarklet in your browser to transform shortlinks on any webpage.
  • Free, no signup is required.
  • Similar Tools: Untiny, LongURL, and PrevURL.

Check out Unshortn @

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