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If your Google email account is cluttered with countless and unwanted email subscriptions, a new free online service called may just well do the trick. works by batch unrolling your subscriptions in a matter of minutes.

As for now, only works with subscriptions delivered to Gmail accounts. Yahoo and other mail services will be coming on board soon. To get started with, you simply need to provide your email and password, and will automatically locate your email subscriptions. After processing your subscriptions, provides a list of them.

If you feel a little unsure about un-subscribing to some of the emails, has got you covered. You can check which emails you want to keep and which you want to discontinue. If you have several subscriptions, can be easier than unsubscribing them one at a time. Plus, can go through and locate those subscriptions that you may overlook in your crowded inbox.

The subscriptions you want to keep get categorized into a special Rollup box, where you can view them in your account. You can also star and manage particular subscription emails, and designate which part of the day you would like to serve up your emails.


You can also preview and navigate through your Rollup in your account, so you don’t have to open your Gmail to view them. In addition, all your unsubscribed emails are listed in the Unsubscribed folder, but it doesn’t look as if you can re-enroll them once unsubscribed.

Source: GottaBeMobile

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