How To Unpin The Permanent Skype Icon From The Taskbar In Windows 7

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unpin skype from taskbarEver since I upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista, a lot of things of have gone much more smoothly. For instance, I don’t have to deal with Vista’s spotty disk management utility, which didn’t help me at all when I wanted to shrink volumes that had at least 100GB of free, unused space. Another great thing about upgrading is that my dual-boot configuration with Ubuntu 10.10 now doesn’t lead to a kernel panic like it used to do on a daily basis with Vista. I was in fact, so ready to remove Ubuntu using Varun’s guide which had saved me a few times, though I’m sure the updated article for non-geeks will come in handy.

Though I could go on about many features that turn out very useful in Windows 7, all of which you can see listed and explained in detail in the free Windows 7 PDF manual, the taskbar or superbar is perhaps the most noticeable change. With it comes many beautiful previews and jumplists, but I also have to mention one not-so-welcomes feature.

The fact that some applications integrate with the taskbar so their program icons attach themselves to the taskbar with no signs of leaving it can be somewhat annoying. If they’re already showing up in the system tray, why do they need to be open as a pinned program in the taskbar? Some of the programs I have noticed doing this include ZScreen and Skype.

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There are two ways to remove the Skype icon that doesn’t seem to leave the taskbar in Windows 7. The first method really depends on what version of Skype you might have, and is a bit easier to complete as it doesn’t require a Skype restart.

Using Skype’s Built-in Option To Remove The Taskbar Icon

Open Skype and in the menu bar, locate the Tools menu.

unpin skype from taskbar

Under it, you’ll see Options. After you click on it, navigate to the Advanced tab and click on it.

unpin skype windows 7

You’ll see an option on the right of Advanced Settings, that says Keep Skype on the taskbar while I’m signed in.

unpin skype windows 7

Uncheck the box and click OK to go back to the main interface. The pinned program should have disappeared from the taskbar. If that doesn’t work, or you have a different version of Skype that doesn’t have the checkbox, read on.

Changing Compatibility Mode

Let’s say you have the latest version of Skype but still don’t see that Keep Skype on the taskbar option at all, try this. Type Skype in the Start search box, right-click on the program icon and click on Properties.

unpin skype windows 7

In the Properties box, select the Compatibility tab. Check the box that says Run this program in compatibility mode for box so you can select the previous OS with updates, which is Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).

unpin skype from taskbar

Now click OK. Quit and restart Skype. You should only have the system tray icon for Skype, but if you still see the persistent taskbar Skype icon, try a different OS in the Skype Properties dialog box. Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) actually didn’t work for me, while choosing plain Windows Vista did the trick.

Does the permanent icon on the taskbar annoy you? Let us know in the comments!

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Yes….yes I does. So much so I stopped using it.



Windows Live Messenger has the same problem, and the same solution. Thanks :D



great, only problem is there is no such option in new skype

Jessica Cam W.

Have you run Skype in compatibility mode like the second part of the article suggests? It’s for Skype versions that don’t show the taskbar option.



actually, i had done all steps. but, still occur “not responding” status. :'(



is this an issue related to removing Skype from the taskbar? At what point do you get a ‘not responding’ status?

You may want to ask a question at MakeUseOf Answers.

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