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One of the first programs you will always need to install on a fresh version of Windows is a file extractor. There are many options available for opening .zip, .rar, and other type of files. On Windows 8 and Windows RT, there are less options, especially if you want one that keeps with the Windows 8 visual style. Well we’ve discovered a good one that can handle all of your file extraction needs in a simple package. Unpacker is a simple extraction program that is easy to use, and it does its job incredibly well.

file extractor for windows 8

The list of file types that can be extracted using Unpacker is quite impressive. In all, there are around 50 file types available within the app. All the common files types like .rar, .zip, 7z, and the like are included. There are also plenty of obscure file types listed such as .pmd, .rpm, .chi, and the list goes on and on. Basically  if there is a file you want to extract, this app is likely to be able to handle it.


Besides standard extractions, this app can also handle password protected extractions. It can extract files from within its interface, as well as from the file system in Windows 8. It is available for free, so it is definitely worth trying out to see if it will be your main Windows 8 file extractor.


  • Extract around 50 file types on Windows 8 and Windows RT.
  • Extract password protected files.
  • Extract from Windows 8 file system and from within the app’s interface.
  • Keeps the Windows 8 visual style.
  • Similar: Zip2Fix, ezyZip and Wobzip.

Find Unpacker on the Windows Store

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