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Google+ is an online social network that helps people from everywhere connect with others from anywhere. But apart from people you already know, deciding who to add in your Google+ circles is not exactly easy. Here to help you is a web service called Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users.

google+ recommended users

Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users is a web service not affiliated with Google+. The site lets you search for Google+ users according to your interests. You start by clicking on an icon that represents your interests e.g. writers, developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers, etc. – the list is a long one. When you click on a category you are shown Google+ user suggestions.

These suggestions can be narrowed down using further interest-filters located in the left pane. When you find somebody that interests you, you can click on their image thumbnail to be taken to their Google+ profile where you will then be able to view their details and add them to your circles.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps find people to add in your Google+ circles.
  • Filters Google+ users according to profession / interests.
  • A great way to find people of similar interests on Google+

Check out Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users @ 

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