Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device

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firefox for android icon   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android DeviceFirefox for Android has a trick up its sleeve: Add-ons. Just as Firefox offers a more powerful extension system than Chrome on the desktop, it beats Chrome for Android by supporting extensions. You can install a variety of add-ons from the Mozilla Add-ons website. There are nowhere near as many as there are for the desktop version of Firefox – only about 80 at the moment – but there are some good ones.

Installing add-ons in Firefox for Android is easy. Tap the menu button, tap Add-ons, and tap the orange shopping bag icon at the top-right corner of the page. Search for an add-on mentioned here to install it or browse the available add-ons.

You can also browse Firefox add-ons for Android on the web.

Full Screen Mobile

Screen space is always a problem on mobile devices. The Full Screen Mobile add-on adds a “Full screen” option to Firefox’s menu. When you activate this option, Android’s top bar and Firefox’s interface will be hidden, displaying the web page you’re viewing in full-screen mode. When you’re done, you can press the menu button or long-press on the screen to exit full-screen mode.

It’s like the F11 key – but for mobile. It’s a simple add-on, but it works very well.

firefox full screen mobile   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device

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Phony allows Firefox to impersonate other browsers by changing its user agent headers. This allows you to view the full desktop versions of some websites, or view mobile websites that may complain because they were only designed for Safari on iOS or the default Android browser.

To use Phony after installing it, tap the Firefox menu button and tap Phony. Select from one of the user agent options – Desktop Firefox, Android (Phone), Android (Tablet), iPhone, or iPad. You’ll get web pages designed for that browser.

phony for firefox   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device


We love LastPass, so it’s great that LastPass also provides a browser extension that works in Firefox for Android. The LastPass add-on integrates LastPass into the Firefox browser, just like on a desktop browser. If you were using Chrome for Android, you’d have to use the browser built into the LastPass app or switch back and forth between LastPass and Chrome – not the ideal experience.

lastpass for firefox on android   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device

URL Fixer

When you’re typing a web address with one hand while walking down the street, typos can happen. Instead of displaying an error message, URL Fixer will fix many common typos when typing a web address. If you accidentally type makeuseof.cmo or google,com, URL Fixer will notice the mistake and automatically correct it for you.

url fixer in action   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device

YouTube Embed2Link

Watching YouTube videos in a mobile browser can be a pain. Why bother when you’re on Android, where there’s a great YouTube app already installed? YouTube Embed2Link converts embedded YouTube videos on pages to links. Tapping the link will open the video in the YouTube app, where you can watch it.

youtube embed2link   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device


Firefox for Android can remember your passwords and automatically fill them in on websites. This is particularly useful on mobile, where typing in complicated passwords can take much longer. However, some websites try to prevent browsers from saving passwords by setting the “autocomplete” option to “off”. RememberPass overrides this option, forcing Firefox to prompt you to remember every password you enter on every web page. If Firefox isn’t prompting you to remember a password, try this add-on.

rememberpass on android   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device


Stylish, a useful add-on for the desktop version of Firefox, is also available for Firefox for Android. It allows you to install userstyles that modify the way web pages look and behave, letting you customize the web pages you use.

It’s great to see this add-on available for Firefox on Android, as it illustrates the power of Firefox’s add-on system. Extensions like LastPass and Stylish show that Firefox for Android isn’t just a lightweight mobile browser, it can be a very capable alternative to Firefox on the desktop – if only more add-ons could be ported to Android.

stylish userstyles on android   Unmissable Addons For Firefox On Your Android Device

Firefox for Android also supports themes, known as personas. Looking for Firefox add-ons for your desktop? Check out our list of the best Firefox add-ons.

Do you use any other awesome add-ons for Firefox for Android? Leave a comment and share your favorites!

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Rudi Pittman

Does the lastpass plugin work for everyone or only for “premium users” as other mobile plugins appear to do.


Sameer N

LastPass addon for Firefox Android works only with premium account.


Keith Swartz

Now these are INDEED Unmissable Addons for Firefox. Tale it from a Firefox user!


Jack Schiff

FF on my phone is not working


Keith Swartz

Firefox and Android! Firefox + Android = SATISFACTION! Can’t get none? Read and then apply this article!

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