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It’s amazing how much of our personal information is available on the Internet. We put so much out on social networks, but we never really think about who can get access to it. Some places that can find you are places you may not want to be found. That is where comes in. They show you how to opt out of all kinds of different people searches, keeping your information safe and secure.

remove yourself from search engines

When you first go to the site, you will see a quick breakdown explaining how the site works and a link to the list of sites. This list is very comprehensive, and it features links to the opt out page for each website. They are arranged in alphabetical order, so if you know of a specific site, you can just scroll to it in the list and click the link to opt out.


As explained in the FAQ, some sites may need a little more work to opt out, such as mailing your information or faxing. They will give you instructions to do this, but sadly, there is no way to make it easier.


  • Comprehensive list of people searches.
  • Instructions and links to opt out of searches.
  • Protects your personal information from sites you don’t want seeing you.
  • Helps keep you safe.

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