University Of The People: Tuition-Free Online University

University of the People (UoPeople) is the first tuition-free online university and is backed by United Nations Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technology and Development (GAID). UoPeople is non-profit organization and aims to provide higher eduction to people in all countries regardless of their financial means and geographical location.

It uses open-source technology and courseware and incorporates peer-to-peer teaching methods where students form online study groups and help each other with homework assignments and exam preparation. To apply you must have a high-school diploma and sufficient level of English.

image145   University Of The People: Tuition Free Online University

Students only pay $15-50 fee for enrollment and $10-100 for exams, with students from poorer countries paying lower fees. However, for 2009 Fall semester all fees have been waived.  For those strapped for cash, or looking to restart their lives, this may be a good option. Worth checking out.


  • First ever non-profit free online university
  • Incorporates online peer-to-peer learning methods and social networking features
  • Fees: $15-50 for enrollment and $10-100 for exams, with students from poorer countries paying lower fees
  • All fees are waived for 2009 Fall semester
  • Minimum requirements: high-school diploma and sufficient level of English
  • Apply and get enrolled online

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Jonathan Cohen

It’s important to know that they’re not accredited, as yet.

Quinn Dulany

Maybe not, but the education can speak for itself. Especially when you work in a field that requires certifications.

But thanks for the info!