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Whether you are a regular traveler or just want to go hiking on the weekend, it is common to forget one thing or two for your trip. That’s why you will find this tool invaluable. It is a simple yet very comprehensive online traveling packing list generator that helps you build a list of things to do and take with you before your trip depending on your trip’s options (travel period, planned activities, weather, number of kids, transportation etc.)

To generate your packing list, select options relevant to your particular trip and click on the “Create packing list” button to get your travel planning list. Print it out or send to your email.

traveling packing list

online packing list

The tool was designed by a guy named Mats Henricson and improved through suggestions of other travelers around the world and contains more than 500 possible items necessary for any kind of trip.


  • Online packing list generator.
  • Build a list of things to do and items to pack before you leave for your trip.
  • Select your trip options and create your custom list.
  • Print it out or send to your email.
  • Free for private, non-commercial use.
  • Similar tools: DontForgetYourToothbrush, SimplyChecklists and PrintableCheckList.

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