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People who frequently travel abroad often need to convert their money into the currency of the country they are leaving for. Sometimes people simply get their currency changed and do not bother researching the rates prior to visiting a money changer. But some people use tools to find out the currency rates and do a few calculations themselves before they actually get their money changed.

If you are looking for such a tool that provides you with information on currencies and the updated rates with which they are changed to, you should check out a site called Universal Currency Converter.

get currency rates

Universal Currency Converter is a free to use website that helps users learn more about current currency rates. The site works in a very simple way – you enter the amount of currency you need to change and then you select the currency you have along with the currency you want your money to be converted to. A live rate is also shown in the top right of this conversion box, for you to quickly get a one-on-one rate for both the currencies.

Apart from letting you convert money between a wide range of currencies, the site offers currency trends. You can view which currency rates are rising and which ones are decreasing simply by looking at the arrow signs next to each currency conversion type.


Universal Currency Converter is a source of currency information too. You can open up a currency’s page and read about where it is used, its denominations, and its cross-rates with other currencies.

You can also get detailed information about the currency which includes its history, facts, nicknames, and the regions it is used in.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Lets you calculate money conversions between different currencies.
  • Supports a wide range of currencies.
  • Provides a graph plotting cross-rates of currency.
  • Provides detailed information on each currency.

Check out Currency Converter website @

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  1. Ravi Lamontagne
    August 17, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Saves me the trip to the bank