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Easter is only a few short days away. Are you ready? If not, then check out my list of unique and easy last minute Easter goodies.

With just a little time and a printer you can create a truly special Easter that should be a big hit with the kids.

Personalized letter from the Easter Bunny

Just provide a few simple pieces of information, such as the kids name, gender, and hometown and you are on your way to creating a personalized letter from the Easter bunny himself. You can choose between a short and simple version, a longer version, baby’s first Easter, religious theme, or going to school.

Customizable Easter Certificates

With one of several customizable templates, you can quickly create a special certificate to honor your little Easter egg hunter(s). The website also provides printable Easter bookmarks, cards, teacher worksheets, and sticker sheets.


Bunny Feet

Print and cut out pairs of bunny feet and place them around your house on Easter. You could even use them to make a trail to the kids Easter basket.

Easter Wallpaper

This web site includes over a dozen really cute Easter wallpapers in a wide variety of sizes. The site also includes Easter screensavers and a printable maze.

Coloring Pages

Select from one of several printable color page images. Bind them all together and make a special Easter coloring book.

Know of any other great quick and creative Easter ideas? Let us know about them.

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