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Music service Spotify Stream Music For Free With Spotify (+ Invites) Stream Music For Free With Spotify (+ Invites) Read More is shaping up to be the best online/desktop music player to date. However, it lacks some of the sleek desktop integration with other music players. Fortunately, Unity is an Adobe Air app that helps bridge this problem by letting you transfer your music collection, including playlists and albums, from iTunes to Spotify.

export itunes playlist to spotify

Unify is designed for power users that need a speedy way to transfer hundreds of playlists in seconds. You do not even need to open your iTunes to use this. You can use Unify to browse for songs, then it is just a matter of dragging and dropping them from Unify to Spotify.

export itunes playlist to spotify

The free version of this Air app allows you to transfer only the first five tracks of your playlist which can be very hard to use if you have hundreds of songs. The paid version lifts this limit, and for a price of only £1.99, this app is definitely a convenience for Spotify power users.

export itunes playlist to spotify


You can view a video of how it works here.


  • Transfer your music from iTunes to Spotify.
  • Fast transfer ideal for hundreds of songs.
  • Transfer songs, whole albums, and playlists.
  • Needs Adobe Air to run.
  • Spotify not yet available in the United States.
  • Similar Tool: Listify

Check out and download Unify @

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