uMark Online: Add Watermarks To Images Straight From Your Browser

Whether you’re delivering a proof of concept to a client or simply sharing some work online, a watermark is often a good idea. A simple line of text with your name, website or the word “sample” covering the main design is enough to stop others plagiarising or stealing your work. Luckily you can now do this from anywhere, without the need for desktop software like Photoshop, using uMark Online – a browser-based alternative to uMark for Windows.

umark1   uMark Online: Add Watermarks To Images Straight From Your Browser

Start by uploading the image you would like to watermark (it is not possible to batch upload) and enter the text you would like to be displayed on your image. You can then choose a font, text size, bold or italics and the opacity of the text using the transparency slider. Finally it’s a case of choosing a colour using the colour picker and location for your watermarked text.

umark2   uMark Online: Add Watermarks To Images Straight From Your Browser

The image should update in real-time with the changes that you make, so you won’t have to submit the form or refresh the page to preview your creation. Once you’re happy with the design simply right-click and save your image, or drag the image to a location of your choice. You can then upload another photo using the shortcut below, and start again.


  • Easy to use upload interface and watermark controls.
  • Add text, choose between bold and italic, font, text size, opacity and the colour of your watermark.
  • Customise where your watermark appears using the position controls.
  • All changes update in realtime – simply save your image when you’re happy with what you’re seeing.
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