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Online service that lets you create direction and route maps that can be shared and distributed online. Let’s say you want to suggest a nice route to your friends for the next cycling trip, just go to UMapper, create your map, add comments, place marks, draw lines, polygons etc.

When the map is ready, share it with anyone you want. Actually, it’s quite similar to previously reviewed QuickMaps but with more features.

map maker

Maps can be shared online via custom link or embedded on any other website, blog or web page.

Apart from creating maps, users can also explore stuff created by other UMapper members, and check out the Most Popular and Newest Maps sections.


  • Create custom direction maps online and share them others.
  • Create as many maps as you like.
  • Add labels, lines, notes, polygons, etc.
  • Use maps from OpenStreetMap, Microsoft Virtual Earth, or Google Earth.
  • Embed ready maps onto your blog or online profile.
  • Explore Most Popular, Map Wikis, Newest etc.
  • Share maps on view only or wiki (anyone can edit) bases.
  • Export map data to Flash ActionScript 3.0 or KML.
  • Check out map creation guide.
  • Registration is not required, though registered members can keep track of all maps from one place.

Check out Umapper @


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