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In the technological world, some of the best news sources are in the form of online print publications, but unfortunately, we can’t read all the time. However, that problem can be solved with Umano – an app that lets you listen to print publications in audio form. Even better, all scripts are read by professional voice actors, and with a price tag of zero, it can’t be beat.


Umano lets you listen to the audio versions of articles from some of the most popular blogs and online publications out there. By using a browsing function that is separated by interests, you’ll always find something intriguing. There currently isn’t a search function, but compared to the other offerings, it’s not much of a problem.

All audio programs are routed through a regularly updated stream, and if you see a publication that you like, you can browse its channel for more articles.


The app allows for the creation of playlists for articles that interest you. This also means you can flip through a few items you don’t have time to read, add them to the playlist, and download them for your listening pleasure while you are in the car, on the train, or out for a run. You can also “like” certain articles and share them with friends via the social networking feature of the app.



  • Print news to audio programs.
  • Professional voice actor recordings.
  • Autoplay functionality.
  • Audio plays in the background.
  • Offline playlist capabilities.
  • Social networking features.
  • Links to original written articles.
  • Entertaining, Must Know, Geeky, EntrepreneurialInspirational, and Scientific interest categories.

Get Umano for your iPhone or Android for free.

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