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Do you secretly admire somebody? Or dislike someone but cannot let them know? If so, then a new service called uMakeMe helps you feel slightly better.

send anonymous sms text message

uMakeMe is a free web service that sends anonymous text messages to phone numbers in the US. You start by selecting a message type: happy, sad, feel butterflies, a better person, frustrated, and wish I was single. When you click on a category, a pre-defined message loads up and you type in the recipient’s phone numbers. The pre-defined message cannot be modified which is, in a way, a good feature because it ensures that the service cannot be misused.

Once your anonymous message has been sent, you can search for the recipient’s number in the site’s database and see whether or not your message has been read yet.

send anonymous sms messages


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you sends anonymous messages.
  • Messages are predefined according to your mood.
  • Sends texts to numbers in the US.
  • Lets you check if your sent messages have been read.
  • Similar tools: Send-Email and DeadFake.

Check out uMakeMe @

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