Who Would Be The Ultimate Guest Author For MakeUseOf? [You Told Us]

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If you’re reading this then you likely already know that MakeUseOf is awesome. With a great selection of writers who singularly and collectively work towards providing the readership with information and tools they can literally make use of, we believe we’re a website worthy of your time and attention. But even the best things can be made better.

One way MakeUseOf could be better is playing host to occasional posting from guest authors; whether they’re famous, successful, or just damned good at what they do. It was this kind of thinking that led to last week’s We Ask You question, which is revealed below before the responses given are dissected.

Who Would Be The Ultimate Guest Author For MakeUseOf?

We asked you, Who Would Be The Ultimate Guest Author For MakeUseOf? The number of responses was rather disappointing, with just eight possible guest authors named. What went wrong? This was your chance to get creative and suggest one person you’d love to see put pen to paper (or at least fingers to keyboard) in order to provide content for MakeUseOf and its readership.

Still, without further ado, the eight names suggested were:

Stephen Elop – CEO of Nokia
Marissa Mayer – President and CEO of Yahoo!
Drew Houston – CEO of Dropbox
Paul Thurrott – Author, writer, and podcaster
Steve Gibson – Computer programmer & software engineer
David Thorne – Author, satirist, and prankster
Dinsan Francis – Chromestory.com
Anyone belonging to Anonymous

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Do any of these names leap out at you as great choices for a guest author spot at MakeUseOf? If so, what sort of article would you like to see them write? If you think you can do better then please feel free to throw more names in the ring, as although the points reward for responses no longer stands, we would love to see the conversation continue.

Comment Of The Week

Comment of the week goes to Vipul Jain, who, as well as the respect of myself and hopefully everybody reading this, receives 150 MakeUseOf points to use for Rewards or Giveaways. It helped Vipul that he was only one of two registered users to offer a name. While everybody is welcome to offer responses to the We Ask You column, only registered users can receive their just desserts for an insightful contribution.

First off, you cannot be sure that people who have passed would have trouble using Keyboard & mouse. That’s just being ghost-ist!
Anyhow as a guest editor,
I’d suggest bringing on board Drew Houston (CEO: Dropbox)
or someone from Anonymous (The renown hacker group)

Drew to tell about how he entered such a fierce competitive industry and toppled everyone to make it’s way to the top. Wasn’t he scared that this idea would be a flop?
One of our own readers (Erlis, i guess), wanted to create an online movie portal. So i guess he can majorly benefit from this.

As for Anonymous, I’d like them to tell, how they keep their operations going? Who decides among them, how do they feel when they organize and do so much for everyone standing against big corps risking their lives (yes, risking the lives, because if caught they are straight up for jail time), and yet in public gatherings they get so few supporters. Till when can they alone fight against Internet freedom?

It can be a nice debate. Instead of a guest author actually they should be invited to a MUO webcast…

Not only does Vipul offer two names, or at least one name and one organization, he eloquently explains his reasons for making both suggestions.

We will be asking a new question tomorrow, so please join us then. We Ask You is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. We ask you a question and you tell us what you think. The question is open-ended and is usually open to debate. Some questions will be purely opinion-based, while others will see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps for your fellow MakeUseOf readers. This column is nothing without your input, all of which is valued.

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salim benhouhou

Drew Houston – CEO of Dropbox i guess

Dave Parrack

You can suggest your own name rather than choose one of those already listed.



How do we apply as a guest author?

Dave Parrack

This wasn’t a call for guest submissions, more a poll to find the fantasy guest author.


josemon maliakal

same qn as umair adil..can i make one guest post for makeuseof ?

Dave Parrack

I’ll reply in the same way too… This wasn’t a call for guest submissions, more a poll to find the fantasy guest author. But thanks for your interest.


Vipul Jain

thnx :D
i’ll keep an eye out on my feeds to see if a guest author drops by :D

Dave Parrack

I’d love to see it happen :)


Igor Rizvi?

Stephen Elop – CEO of Nokia Nice suggestion :) im for that


Peter Everett

aww, gutted I missed this one yesterday. Would love to hear from Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical.

I would love to know what motivates him to drive Ubuntu. I find it facinating how one can create a business based on free software, especailly when that software is an operating system (OS), as OSs must be solid, stable, reliable and well supported in order to be a valid contender in a tough market dominated by MS.

Also, I’d love to know his vision for Ubuntu. Beyond fruitful partnerships like System 76, Valve (!) and the like, what other Tech heavyweight would he like to join forces with in order to promote the dream of a competitive Linux desktop?

I’d also relish the chance to get some things ubuntu issues straightened out :p


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