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Things today are a lot pricier than they used to be. New products that are launched often come with a hefty price tag attached. Thus when it comes to buying anything new, you better be sure of the fact that you are buying the best item your budget allows. The best way to confirm this is by reading various user reviews available online. However not all user reviews are of good quality and often you cannot rely on their unbiasedness. Here to offer you a solution to this by providing you with quality product reviews is a website called Ukritic.


Ukritic is an  website that brings its visitors quality reviews of various kinds of products. The products you find on the site range from financial items such as stock picks to electronic appliances such as video cameras. You can either browse the items shown on the site’s homepage or type in the name of an item you are looking for. When you find the item’s entry, click on it to be taken to its review page. The review page includes summary of the review on the top and bottom of the page. In the middle you will find that a reviewer has detailed all aspect of the review comprehensively.


On the right pane you are able to view the reviewer’s details. You can click on the reviewer’s image to check out their short info and read other reviews they have posted on the site.



Ukritic encourages people to write product reviews for the site. When people buy items by clicking through your review links, you are paid referral fees by the site thus giving you monetary rewards for writing reviews and helping out people.


  • A user-friendly web service
  • Includes product reviews
  • Covers various products
  • Provides monetary rewards for reviews resulting in product purchases

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