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oneiric ocelotIt’s here! With a multitude of user interface improvements and a few new default programs, Ubuntu 11.10 keeps the premiere Linux distro moving forward. Whether you’re a long time Ubuntu user or a Windows/Mac user interested in trying something new, Ubuntu 11.10 is worth downloading now.

Ubuntu comes twice a year. The latest version of Ubuntu is numbered 11.10 (as of October 2011) and codenamed Oneiric Ocelot (as in a dreaming South American wildcat). This release builds on the momentum built by Ubuntu 11.04 Ubuntu 11.04 Unity - A Big Leap Forward For Linux Ubuntu 11.04 Unity - A Big Leap Forward For Linux It's here. The newest version of Ubuntu sports an entirely new user interface: Unity. It also includes a much-improved Software Center, alongside the usual updates for the thousands of free programs Ubuntu offers. Canonical decided... Read More earlier this year. Some may dislike it simply because they dislike Unity, the desktop interface used since 11.04. Even people who found 11.04 unusable however, may find 11.10 a pleasure to use.

New Software

So what’s new? A few of the default programs, to start.

Ubuntu ousted the much-maligned Evolution email How To Send Signed & Encrypted Email With Evolution [Linux] How To Send Signed & Encrypted Email With Evolution [Linux] In today's technological world, sending encrypted messages between people has become an increasing standard. In order to secure your email communications, you need to sign and/or encrypt your emails. In Linux, this is an easy... Read More and calendar application in favor of Thunderbird. This means you don’t have to uninstall Evolution every time you set up Ubuntu, something I’ve been doing for about five years.

Deja Dup, the perfect Linux backup software Déjà Dup - The Perfect Linux Backup Software Déjà Dup - The Perfect Linux Backup Software Read More , is now part of Ubuntu by default. This gives Ubuntu a world class backup program, on par with Time Machine for Mac 4 Resources to Become a Backup Master with Time Machine [Mac] 4 Resources to Become a Backup Master with Time Machine [Mac] Read More and superior to the clunky default Windows backup system.

oneiric ocelot


You’ll find DejaDup in the new settings menu; it’s very easy to setup.

Gwibber Gwibber - Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, Flickr etc. Client [Linux] Gwibber - Twitter, Facebook, Pownce, Flickr etc. Client [Linux] Read More , Ubuntu’s microblogging tool for Twitter and Facebook, sucks less then before. By this I mean Gwibber lost some serious weight, and gained some stability. Whether or not you’ll use it is another question entirely, but the improvements are real.

A couple of great programs disappeared from the default setup – Synaptic, the advanced package manager, is no longer a default program. Video editor Pitivi vanished as well. Both programs can be quickly installed from the Ubuntu Software Center or, for command line ninjas, via apt-get.

Interface Improvements

Unity keeps evolving, much to the annoyance of some. If you’re like me though, you’ll enjoy the changes.

The menu button moved from the top bar to the dock. Click the button and you’ll see a similar starting point as before, but the application menu is a huge improvement:

oneiric ocelot linux

As you can see, it’s possible to browse applications in a menu-like structure.

The “lenses” that previously took up space on the dock moved to the bottom of the main menu. Click them and you can browse just as before.

Another big improvement is the settings window:

oneiric ocelot linux

This single interface controls all settings, meaning you no longer need to jump from program to program in order to find the setting you’re looking for. You can find a link to this window in the new top-right panel menu:

oneiric ocelot linux

The Ubuntu Software Center continues to evolve; it looks and runs better than before:

oneiric ocelot

You will, no doubt, find many other changes over Ubuntu 11.04 in 11.10; too many to count. Read Ubuntu’s release notes for more information.

Unity 2D

Don’t have a 3D graphics card? You won’t miss out on Unity. A new, 2D version of Unity works on pretty much any computer on earth, and will open by default on systems that can’t run Unity.

Of course, this means that Gnome classic isn’t available by default. Don’t worry, you can install Gnome classic easily, at least for now.

Get Ubuntu 11.10

Ready to start? Head over to to start downloading. You will find easy instructions regardless of your setup.

What do you think of the new Ubuntu? Please leave your comments below, even if they just consist of Unity hatred. We love hearing from all of you.

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