How To Make Microsoft Office 2007 Look Like Office 2003

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I remember the first time I set my eyes on Microsoft Office2007. It was love at first sight because everything seemed so stylish.¬†At second sight, I found myself a bit lost among the buttons of the new Ribbon menu. I knew there was a bit of a learning curve ahead of me. Though I mastered it in a short while, I must confess that it did take some getting used to. That was me”¬¶but then there were some (and still are) who found the learning curve a bit steeper. Accustomed to the older pre-2007 classical interface, they thrashed about with the new one. Baffling for most, I guess.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so someone thought up UBitMenu (and thankfully made it free!)

UBitMenu is a small plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) that makes Office 2007 look like Ofice 2003 by giving the menu – the Office2003 makeover. It gets added on as an additional menu tab in the three Office 2007 applications.

While you will get back your old usage habits, do also realize that the new Ribbon interface was designed keeping fluency in mind (take a look at the Quick Styles feature in the Ribbon). The Ribbon interface allows for first level access to the commands we use most often.

For instance, I personally find the Ribbon interface a better help in MS PowerPoint. One point to remember is that shortcut keys will continue to behave as they do in Office2007.

make office 2007 look like office xp

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The add-on benefits”¬¶

  • UBitMenu lets the bewildered switch back and forth at will between the older and newer style interfaces. That’s great because it doesn’t replace the newer feature rich menu with the classical one but merely adds an extra tab. And kilobyte-sized, it’s no extra flab.
  • UBitMenu does not interfere with the new features of Office2007 in any way. The contextual tabs like the Mini-formatting toolbar works just as well with the classical menu active.

    make office 2007 look like old version

  • UBitMenu also retains any extra features that may have been installed through other plug-ins. For instance, documents can still be saved to PDF or XPS from the File “‚Äú Save As submenu.

    make office 2007 look classic

  • UBitMenu is based on standard Microsoft¬ģ Office-Add-in technology; therefore it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office2007.

This 359KB freeware application lets you keep the best of both worlds. UBitMenu is available for download in several languages from here.

Are you still one of those (Office2007 has been out for some while) who wished they could cut the ribbon and make Office 2007 look like the classic Office 2003 in Windows XP? Then you just might see the utility of this small software. Give us your freewheeling opinion in the comments below.

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Guy McDowell

THANK YOU!!!! I flipping hate the new menus.



Tried it. Works great. It is often easy to install such small utility programs. Microsoft should have had this by default to ease the transition. 350KB is no big deal:)



Great. I need this. I have had 2007 for two years and I still fumble around Word with the new menu. This gets installed tomorrow!



Vielen Dank f√ɬľr diesen Vorschlag. Ich schicke Dir einen Gru√ÉŇł aus Deutschland.

Thanks for the suggestion. I send you regards from Germany.

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