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Ubik allows someone to create a mobile-friendly website without messing around with code. Unlike several other website mobilizers apps such as Mofuse and Google Mobilizer that mobilize websites using site RSS feeds, Ubik lets you build a simple mobile site completely from scratch. Not a mobile version to exisitng site but a simple site with whatever content you need. The process is quite straight forward and doesn’t involve any coding what-so-ever.

How does it work?

      1. Go to the, register and click on “Create Your Mobile Website”.


      2. Pick a template from the list and click “Create Now”.


      3. Each template consists of several pages, select ones you would like be added to your new site.


      4. Come up with the name for your new site. The Ubik will then give you a public URL like



      5. Click “Create Site” to complete.


      6. You’ll be taken to the editor from where you can add all kinds of content to your site.


    7. When you’re done editing and 100% satisfied with your new site click “Publish”.


  • Create mobile friendly websites.
  • Create as many sites and with many pages as you like.
  • Choose between 100s of site templates.
  • Add your own text and images.
  • Missing: Pulling feeds from other websites.

Go to UBIK @

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