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Are you bored with listening to the same old music? Are you looking for a way to discover some new and exciting tunes that matches with your tastes? The Hype Machine Music platform is a great way to do this, and with the Android app UberHype, you can use the power of this service on the go. It allows you to discover new music using songs that are being blogged all over the Internet.

social music discovery app

With UberHype, you can stream the music being blogged through The Hype Machine Music platform directly to your Android device. Using the power of the platform, the app is able to continuously play music, just like the radio. Of course, you won’t see many mainstream artists on this app, as The Hype Machine Music platform is designed to bring indie music to the forefront. Still, it’s a great way to discover artists that you would likely have never been exposed to if not for this app.


You can also view the blog posts from which the music originated, which makes it easy to learn more about these indie artists you’ve never heard of. Understanding some of the story behind the music can make listening to it even more enjoyable, and this app is perfect for making that happen.


  • Find new music to listen to on your Android device.
  • Stream music from the The Hype Machine Music platform.
  • Learn more about the music through blog posts.
  • scrobble integration.
  • Share music you find on social media.

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