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There are a lot of ways to conduct conference calls 6 Must-Know Apps to Make FREE Group Conference Calls 6 Must-Know Apps to Make FREE Group Conference Calls Video conference calls are much easier than they once were. Here are six fantastic services for free group video calls, good for both personal and business use. Read More these days, with traditional faceless phone-based methods still being a popular choice for a lot of businesses. Whether you’re a small business owner, student or someone simply looking for a way to communicate with colleagues around the world, UberConference might just be the visual and social conference tool you’re after.

conduct conference calls

The service attempts to solve the faceless nature of conference calls using a visual interface that tells you who is talking and when, as well as a record of the last few speakers. Each member can link their account to their social media personas including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and some powerful controls over who you speak to add peace of mind if you need a private moment.


Sign-up is free, and the entry-level account allows for all the basics you’d expect from a conferencing app – the ability to start and join calls, the flagship interface, social integration and access from mobile devices with apps available for both iOS and Android. Once you’ve finished a call, UberConference includes a call summary with statistics to sum up the conversation.

A paid account comes in at $10 per month per user, and this includes the ability to record calls as an MP3, something that the free version lacks.



  • Visual interface lets you see who is talking, who spoke last and easily control who can hear what you’re saying.
  • Social features link your UberConference account to your social personas.
  • Call summaries with statistics.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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