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Typic is a basic iPhone photo editing app that offers the much-needed ability to add text to pictures. By combining the words “typography” and “pic”, this is exactly what we get – a “typic”.

Opening the app for the first time is a little confusing at first since there is no tutorial. However, once you’ve tapped the camera icon as shown below, the app practically explains itself. After getting started, you will be prompted to either take a photo or choose one from the library.

add text to image ios

As you can tell, the app takes a cue from Instagram with its square-shaped images. With the ability to move and scale your photos, cropping the photo is duck soup. Six image filters are also available, but this is definitely not the app’s strength.

The app’s feature lets you caption an image with overlay text. Text size, position, black and white color options, opacity, and a font selection of seven styles are available. Additional fonts can be purchased for $0.99, but the ones already available are aesthetically pleasing enough. Finishing touches like black or white image frames, rounded corners, and even lens blur can be added for a finished product that can be saved or shared.



One warning: adjusting the corner roundness or text opacity requires you to drag your finger, and because you also have to use a swipe gesture to move from menu to menu, the app can get confused and think you are changing pages. It’s not much of a bother, and it doesn’t take away from how great that Typic actually is.


  • Text overlays for images.
  • A decent font selection with the option to buy more.
  • Minimal filter selection.
  • Photos can be saved and shared.

Get Typic for free from iTunes.

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  1. Keith S
    June 7, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    Wow! This is extremely NICE! Thank you and keep up the GREAT work!