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Typekit is a crafty web design tool that gives you quick access to online library of free and commercial fonts. All Typekit fonts are hosted online and can be easily added to your site. You can find fonts by browsing through tags and styles, choose from serif, sans serif, script, and exotic styles. Some tags in the library include clear, clean, geometric, business, extended, and more.

online font library

Once you have selected a font set, you can customize it using provided online editor to a desired size and weight. Then it is just a matter of putting the appropriate code in your CSS file to get the font display on your site.

font library online

This tool can change how web designers use fonts. Designers are currently limited to images and Flash to come up with visually pleasing designs. But with Typekit, web designers can have access to a large selection of premium fonts without the legal clout. And since text is more usable and indexable than images and Flash, this tool will free up a lot of things that designers couldn’t do before.

free online font library

The site provides free and paid accounts. The free account supports more then 200 free fonts, but comes with 5 GB bandwidth and 2 fonts per site limit.


  • Mix and match fonts before adding them to your website.
  • Try any font with any text that you want.
  • Tag-based navigation makes it easy to find fonts.
  • Kit editor lets you preview your fonts before applying them to your website.
  • Advanced style control allows you to change the weights and styles of your font.
  • Fonts are hosted in redundant servers for a guaranteed 100% uptime.

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