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Your standard English keyboard displays English alphabets, numbers, and various non-alphanumeric characters. But these do not cover that special ‘e’ used in Café or various other symbols that are used in mathematical notation. To type these characters you could change the layout of your keyboard from the Control Panel on a Windows computer. But why go through all that trouble when you have TypeIt at your disposable.

non english special characters

TypeIt is a free to use web service that provides its users with a valuable service: the ability to type special characters that do not appear on the standard English keyboard. When you visit the homepage of the site, you can select from a bunch of languages. These languages are mostly ones in which non-English alphabets are used. You can click on a language type and its interface of non-English alphabets is loaded up. You click on these characters and they appear in a text box from where you can copy the text and use it elsewhere, for example, in your application. You can also apply formatting to this text such as bold, italics, underlining, superscript, and subscript.


Mathematical notations are also supported by the website. From summation signs to integration and square roots, you will find a lot of math symbols to choose form and use.

TypeIt: Use Non-English Special Characters With Ease Mathematical


Support for keyboard shortcuts enables you to use uppercase letters as well as quick letter typing.

TypeIt: Use Non-English Special Characters With Ease Help


  • A user friendly web service
  • Lets you use special characters from various languages
  • Supports math symbols as well
  • Can add special formatting to adding letters

Check out TypeIt @

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