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Phrase Express is an excellent Text Autocomplete Manager program created by people from Bartles Media. With Phrase Express users can avoid repetitive typing and autocomplete frequently used text phrases or even email messages and then use them within any program, i.e Outook, Intrnet Explorer, Firefox, Word, Excel etc.

It is ideal for letter templates, signatures, addresses, bank account information and for chat phrases. Phrases can be easily created and assigned an abbreviation, afterwards whenever user types in abbreviation program autocompletes the full text in place. For instance, typing “kr” can be replaced as ‘kind regards’ or ‘btw’ can be replaced as ‘by the way’. Program can be used not only for short common phrases but even for long emails.

Phrase Express 1

Similarly, template letters thanking buyer for interest in the products or thanking for the purchase can be created and abbreviated as ‘buyer_interest’ and ‘buyer_purchase’, respectively. Check out a snapshot below.

If you have to deal with many emails nd find yourself typing same thing over and over again. Then Phrase Express can save save you lots of time by putting commonly used phrases and email templates at your finger tips. The application is not limited to an email programs like Outlook and other windows applications (Word, ) but can also be used in web forms, website’s forums and even chat sessions. I can imagine how this software might be usefull for people like clerks, lawyers, ebay sellers and bloggers. See a nice video illustrating product in action here.

This software is available as standard, professional and network edition. Standard edition is free and has almost all functionaly features as other editions. The difference is that Professional edition lets you use the application for commercial purposes.

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