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Type Folly is a unique, one of a kind website which will greatly interest web designers and developers. Often while creating web layouts you use a CSS style sheet to obtain perfect object position and alignment. With this website, you can create visually brilliant type compositions and get their CSS3 and HTML code.

 type compositions

It is advisable to create an account on Type Folly so you can create and save your type projects. The first stage in creating your type is “layers”; this is where you select the font layer. The next step is to choose your CSS options; here you modify a number of options including font style and size, rotation level, width plus height, line height, letter and word spacing, opacity, and text shadow.

After CSS options you can modify the container options for your type result – you can modify container height, width, and background image. The final option is for you to select the CSS grid options for your final result.

type structure


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