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Is your company currently offering discount coupons? Are you looking for ways to market those coupons? If yes, then Twitter can be a great help. To market those special discount coupons on Twitter or other social networks, you can use twtQpon.

twtQpon is a free to use web service that lets you create discount coupons and share them on Twitter. Using the site is very simple: you create coupons by linking your Twitter account with the twtQpon being created; next you enter the coupon’s title and details, expiration date, code, and a web URL of your company’s website. With all this done you “˜approve’ the coupon via your account and obtain a unique URL for the generated coupon page.

create discount coupons

create discount coupons

You can then share this unique URL not only on Twitter but other social networks as well: Facebook, LinkedIn, Buzz, MySpace, and Orkut. Since the URL can be copied you are free to share it anywhere you want.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you create web coupons for your company’s discount offers.
  • Lets you market those web coupons.
  • Web coupons can be shared over social networks.
  • Similar tools: Sorteie.

Check out twtQpon @

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