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YouTube addicts who like to mix and match videos will find this tool useful. It simple website that allows you to search for videos on YouTube and simultaneously play them while mixing sounds and controlling it with a crossfader.

mix two youtube videos

To start using the website, look for any two videos on YouTube by using the search box below each video. Then play them simultaneously and slide the crossfader to the left or to the right to set which video you want to hear more. You can also change the background of the website by clicking the “party” or “serious”.

However, unlike other online cross-fader tools, this website does not have a pitch or time control functionality. Nevertheless, Two YouTube Videos and a Mother***** Crossfader Dot Com is a cool time-waster when all you need to do is simply mix videos.


  • Allows you to search and mix sounds of two videos from YouTube.
  • Lets you control which sounds are more audible by using a crossfader.
  • Free; no sign-up required.
  • Switch backgrounds.
  • Similar tools: Ibizaah!

Check out Two YouTube Videos And A Motherfucking Crossfader Dot Com @


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