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Managing an event involves a number of crucial steps and providing adequate information to the participants is probably on top of the list. Twoppy is a web app that helps you create an event guide online that is both mobile friendly and easy to browse. Start by adding general event information like venue, description, ticket information and more. Then use Google Maps to create a specific event map or simply upload your own.


You can add a list of performers/speakers and even add a list of program items along with the scheduled time, meeting place and more info. Once all the info is up, publish your app and promote the unique URL with a QR code or spread it through social networks. All these services are free but for a small monthly fees you can also brand your even app and get analytics.

mobile event guide


  • Create event guides online.
  • Publish schedule, maps and list of performers.
  • Spread word through QR code or social networks.

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