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Just a day back, iTunes posted news about its 10 billionth download. The figure is just a statistic for most of us, but it is indicative of the popularity of music on the World Wide Web.

Come to think of it, iTunes is just a slice of the pie. I don’t have the figures for the number of musical sites on the web but I am sure it must be crossing over to the thousands. If one closes down, a few more will pop up in its place. We are spoilt of choice and at times, it’s even difficult to pick one.

Now, here’s a web service on the horizon that’s like a track marker as we wade through the internet listening to one tune after the other. It’s still in alpha but Twones promises much to the average music lover.

Twones is not a web player or an online playlist. It is more like an automatic device for discovering music that’s spread around in various sites on the web. Songs can be found on online streaming services as well as blogs and other websites.

It started off by allowing users to bookmark and share music and songs from 25 of the leading online music streaming services, but since then it has opened up to blogs and other sites too. Twones finds out these sites and spontaneously discovers it for our ears.

Think of it as the StumbleUpon for songs. And just like StumbleUpon, the power of Twones is located in its toolbar. Also, just like the browsing service, you need to create a free account to keep all the information in one online location.


The Music Bar is where it all is

The Twones Music Bar is the vehicle which helps us traipse across the web, across music services and blogs and locate songs to listen too. The Twones Music Bar can be installed as an addon for Firefox (support for other browsers are planned).

The songs can be played and paused from the music bar. The Music Bar also has four tools for four uses ““

Bookmark tracks

While listening to a track, you can click on the star icon and add the track to your playlist.

Get more Intel on the track

The little “˜i’ icon stands for Band Buzz“¦it gives you some details on the artist and the track that’s currently playing.

Share music

Tell the world what you are listening too with Twitter and Facebook to share music and songs you like.

Discover music

Click the Random Track button and you will be taken spontaneously to a site which plays host to music of any kind. The songs are played on the site itself, as intended originally. Twones just “˜discovers’ the site for you.

It’s quite easy to lose our way in the jungle of music if we don’t have a good tracking device. Twones has its own which can be opened up as a sidebar within the browser (Click on My Music).

The Bookmark button does the job. The process is one touch – as soon as the track loads and starts playing, click the bookmark star and the box for the playlist opens up. You can define a new playlist or let existing playlists auto-complete in the field by typing the first few characters.

Tracks can be auto-posted to Twitter or Facebook and even scrobbled to your playlist.

The sidebar keeps you in the know with your own activities and those of your friends. Keep tabs on your playlists. The little search box is useful for searching tracks among your favorites. You can also check out public downloads, other users and sites to browse from the sidebar.

Twones goes very well with “˜tunes’. It’s just as fun as the novelty of StumbleUpon was (and is).

Twones is still in Alpha, so some quirks are expected, commonly some songs refused to load in the Music Bar. It also just might take you down a few blind alleys where there aren’t songs to be found.  A way to search for songs should be a definite plus when the site rolls out completely.

But hey, when it’s free music and an alpha service why quibble in the first place. In the end, if you are a music lover, you wouldn’t mind the misses. With more development, the hits will come to the fore.

Try it out”¦stumble a few times and let us know what you discover.

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