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If you are a fan of the online automation service site, If This Then That (IFTTT), you might be interested to know about the recent posting of two new Gmail actions which add to the growing collection of actions on the site.

The two new actions consist of an “Any new mail” trigger which fires every time any new email arrives, and another Gmail automation, “New starred email,” triggered anytime you star a specified type of email. These triggers work with other IFTTT recipes such as Dropbox, Google calendar, Evernote, Instagram, and Messages.

IFTTT works with a large assortment of Internet services, or Channels, that enable you to set up rules which automatically trigger particular actions. So for example, the “Any new email” action can be used to notify you via SMS every time you receive a new Gmail message.

To set up the action you will need to provide IFTTT your Gmail account address and your SMS phone number, both of which are stored in your IFTTT account so they they can be used with other actions, or what are called “recipes”.

You can further narrow down this “Any new mail” recipe by specifying that you only want to be notified if the new email comes from a particular address, and/or with the specified subject or date.


The “New starred email” action works in a similar fashion, whereby all your starred emails, or specified types of emails, get copied to say your Evernote account, or listed to a Google spreadsheet.

Source: IFTTT

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