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office pranks computer Science has proven that nearly every single human possesses a sadistic side. I totally agree – few things work better to brighten up your day than a prank with friends or colleagues.

Today we’re focusing on two simple nerdy pranks.

We’ll start by laying out two basic rules – to ensure some special effects.

The first one, never do half work, which applies for both of us. Work on the details, the finishing touch is often as important as the basics.

Secondly, don’t plan the prank if you can’t follow through (with a little Dr. Horrible nostalgia), is for the most part a you-rule and pretty self-explanatory. Let the prank play itself out.

The Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) is one of the most infamous Microsoft characteristics, and one of the biggest pro-Mac arguments (although the blame lies most often with third-party software).


It’s the horror of every Windows user, a screen that appears when the kernel, or a driver running in kernel mode, encounters an error from which it cannot recover – or, simply said, when your system completely crashes.

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Ironically, Microsoft themselves have released a BSOD screensaver – pun definitely intended.

For the casual prankster

The casual prankster can install this screensaver on a friend’s or colleague’s system, and watch the sweet panic emerge.

  • Download it here
  • Open the file for a preview
  • To install, use right-mouse and press install. You can now configure it in the screensaver menu of your system.

The screensaver differentiates between several authentic looking BSOD’s (amongst other things, based on the used system), and even simulates a system reboot. It’s perfect for scaring the hell out of friends or foes alike!

To make ’em squeal

Oh, so you’re a sadistic one, are you? Good, then we can take this to the next level. There are several ways to make the prank better, and I’m sure you can think of some.

Here’s something to make them really squeal (dude, did he sleep with your girlfriend or what?)

With Clavier+, you can connect the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut with the shortcut file. You need to use the shortcut file to be able to launch the screensaver.

So basically, whenever your friend or colleague tries saving one of his documents, a BSOD pops up. I speak from personal experience when I say that this is one of the worst things imaginable for your everyday workaholic; your life flashes past before your eyes, you flicker between rage and empty sadness.

Be sure to accompany the prank; not only to enjoy your subject’s reaction, but you might want to stop him from rebooting his computer.

The Broken Screen

Another great scare-prank is to wreck one’s stuff. Of course, not really damaging it, that kind of takes the joke away.

No, the trick is to make them think their stuff is wrecked, so you can all get a big laugh out of it when it proves one of your pranks.

slworking2 and the_alxndr have both uploaded one hell of a great wallpaper on Flickr. What’s so great about it is that it shows your computer monitor as though it got hit – hard.

You can download them respectively here and here.

For the casual prankster

Pick your favourite, and use it as the default wallpaper. Next, right-click on your taskbar, go to properties, and auto-hide the taskbar.

Also right-click on your desktop, and deselect the ‘Show Desktop Items’ option in View.

Now close or minimize all open windows, go hide somewhere safe and enjoy the show!

To spice it up

If you want to do it right, make it look right. Throw some stuff on the ground and tilt the monitor. Also, disconnect his keyboard and mouse if you want to play the prank for a little longer.

Adding a final touch

Depending on your personality and acting skill, you can experience the prank up close. If people who know you would think this even remotely possible, stay in the room until he arrives, with a blunt object (like a bat or a hard ball) in your hands, and an oh-shit look on your face; don’t say anything, just give him a wide-eyed stare and slightly parted lips as if you want to say something but don’t know what.

Do you know any other pranks? Of course you do! Don’t be shy, and share them in the comments.

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