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Adobe AIR is a software grid to run web-based applications on your desktop, independent of a browser. AIR applications run on the desktop, much like widgets. The technology is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and in beta with Linux.

Some of the most popular AIR apps are eBay Desktop, Twhirl (Twitter), Klok (time management), and GMDesk (Google Tools), all of which we have reviewed on MakeUseOf here 5 More Cool Adobe AIR Applications 5 More Cool Adobe AIR Applications Adobe AIR applications are nice looking and not so memory-hungry applications. If you don't already have Adobe AIR installed you can download it for free from Adobe's website. We've already previously taken a look at... Read More and here 8 Adobe AIR Apps That DON'T Suck 8 Adobe AIR Apps That DON'T Suck Read More .

AIR is open for web developers to (rather) easily create applications. So how can you find out about interesting new AIR apps? A directory would come in handy. There are two very good alternative resources.

1. RefreshingApps

RefreshingApps provides a showcase for Adobe AIR applications.

New apps are introduced with a quick review in blog post style. The points “Design eye” and “Technical eye” are always included. Apart from the reviews, the site also has AIR-related news, interviews and resources. Users can submit new apps, comment on posts and rate (vote) the reviewed apps.

All reviews are tagged, which is also the easiest way to find an application for your specific desire. Showcase tags include productivity, social, twitter, video, youtube, music, designer, and many more.


Refreshing Apps - Adobe Air Apps

The user votes are the basis for the AIR apps Top 5 chart, which is currently led by the above displayed Flaivor, an application for watching quality web videos on your desktop. As you can see, the number of votes is not exactly high.

Also the amount of showcased apps isn’t huge; the full A-Z list comprises just over 60 AIR apps. But since the name of the site is RefreshingApps, quality clearly beats quantity, a characteristic that is to be desired.

2. Adobe AIR Marketplace

The marketplace is maintained by Adobe staff members and registered users.

The place can be viewed in four categories: staff picks, most recent, most popular and highest rated. Registered users can not only submit new applications, they can also comment and rate all submissions.

Adobe Air Marketplace

Currently, there are 284 apps available in the AIR Marketplace, which possibly includes close to any app that is out there. Naturally, the directory has a very professional look. Applications aren’t just listed, they also receive a dedicated page, which includes reviews, a download link, all vital information in a separate box, and much more. In other words, information is served in easily digestible pieces.

adobe air applications

How do you find out about new AIR applications?   Do you have your own AIR directories?

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