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If you find yourself bored, you can always visit Twitter and check out the trending videos people have been sharing. But doing this would require you to filter through the links and find those videos. Here to make matters simpler is a web service called TwitTV.

trending videos on twitter

TwitTV is a simple web tool that automatically plays all the trending videos being shared on Twitter. Visiting the site automatically begins the playback in a video area that expands according to your browser’s dimensions. You can filter the videos according to tweets of a particular region. You can also filter videos according to hashtags. You can skip video topics or watch another video of the same topic.

The great thing about TwitTV is that you can simply visit the site and sit back, letting the videos play themselves thereby giving you a complete TV experience.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Automatically plays trending videos shared on Twitter.
  • Lets you filter videos through region and topic.
  • Lets you skip videos.

Check out TwitTV @

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