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When you are short on time and cannot read all the articles on your favorite website, how do you decide which links to open? You can see which links others have been sharing the most and check them out. Countingtweets helps you do that with ease.

most tweeted links

Countingtweets is a free to use website that displays the number of times each link on a website has been shared on Twitter. The site’s function is quite simple: you provide it with a web URL, and the page is displayed with each link accompanied by a small colored box.

most tweeted links

This colored box includes a number which indicates the number of times that link was tweeted. Light green colored boxes indicate less number of Tweets whereas red colored boxes indicate the maximum number of tweets. Therefore, simply click on the red colored boxes and read the most tweeted articles on a site.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Lets you view the number of time each site link has been tweeted.
  • Displays the range of tweets via colored boxes.
  • Helps quickly decide which article on a site are the most interesting ones.

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