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Twitter2Ppress is an interesting Twitter tool, a WordPress plugin rather, which lets you easily self-host your Twitter images on a WordPress blog if you have one. You could either create a separate blog which acts as your Twitter image gallery or build a new page in your existing blog for the purpose.


From the page:

Have you ever noticed that the pictures you send along with your tweets ends on public images hosting services? These hosting services put ads around your content, and can make traffic (and money) with YOUR pictures.

Twitter2Press is a little plugin that wil transform your WordPress in an image hosting service. So, your images will still be your property, and the generated traffic will be yours.

Using the plugin is easy, simply download, install and configure it by following instructions. In one of the steps you will be asked to provide your Twitter login details. The plugin also works well with Tweetie – a popular iPhone Twitter client.

Check out this example page which shows an image gallery created on a WordPress blog using this plugin.


  • WordPress plugin which lets you self-host Twitter images.
  • Download and install Twitter2Press wordpress plugin in order to use it.
  • Easy to use and configure.
  • Works great with Tweetie (iPhone Twitter client).

Check out Twitter2Press @

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